7Veils’ FAD Algorithm Dramatically Improves CTRs and Geotarged

  • The FAD Algorithm Developed By 7Veils Improves CTRs By 500%


    Social Media has become one of the primary buzzwords among adult industry executives seeking to expand the reach of their brands while growing the amount of useful organic traffic that takes notice of specific products and services. That’s because social media is a conversational medium that offers brands the opportunity to engage audience members rather than traditional one-way media campaigns that are now often ignored or ad-blocked by millennials and paying customers. So, how do you get your messaging to become a Top Tweet on Twitter with the highest possible visibility and the best possible CTR? The 7Veils FAD Algorithm provides the answers!


    “7Veils has sent more than 530 thousand tweets for our clients and garnered Billions of impressions for their brands because for us, Twitter isn’t a hobby, it’s a vibrant traffic pool seeking the chance to buy something from us” explained Lauren MacEwen, CEO of 7Veils.com “I developed the FAD algorithm as a proprietary in-house marketing tool, and the data we have gotten since we implemented it has been too powerful to keep in-house any longer. Utilizing social engineering to capitalize on tweet trends, hashtags and community habits we are now able to predictively adjust our messaging and targeting to get tweets into the Top Tweet search results on Twitter consistently. That’s worth an average of more than 500% improvement in the CTR of a tweet and an even greater improvement in the overall visibility of any brand.”


    Where this benefits clubs is through utilizing the algorithm clubs can dominate geotargeted search. If you are in Dallas, FAD helps you overtake the search terms #Dallas, so when people search for #Dallas, they find your tweets. This helps clubs garner exposure in non-adult, non-club related searches and can significantly increase local geotargeted exposure.


    You may have seen Ms. MacEwen speaking on the social media panel at the 2016 Ed Expo. She was brought on stage as a last minute addition to our panel of social media experts. A few days prior to ED Expo she spoke at the Qwebec Expo in Montreal, an adult entertainment business to business conference, and presented a detailed white-paper revealing the formula being used, and explaining the logic of the FAD algorithm to an audience of industry insiders. The white paper, formula and supporting documentation are now being published for the entire adult executive community to profit. You can see it all here: http://7veils.com/fad-algorithm-increase-ctr-with-social-engineering/


    “Some of my friends in this business suggested 7Veils should keep this algorithm a secret, heck even some of my employees wanted to avoid going public with it, but I see transparency as an important component of establishing new business relationships” explained MacEwen. “Yes, we are giving away some really valuable information for free to anyone who wants it, but we are also showing everyone what we are capable of doing and any business owner worth working with is smart enough to understand that if we can come up with this, we can also come up with a lot of other ways to earn you even more money via social media platforms as well once we start working together.”


    Anyone with questions about the 7Veils FAD Algorithm is encouraged to contact Ms. MacEwen via the www.7Veils.com website or by setting up a meeting at one of the many adult industry events she attends. You could be Top Tweeting in no time, thanks to 7Veils and that’s just the start of a new media campaign that can turn your brand into the kind of well-known money maker it was always intended to become.