Does Twitter Work for Clubs?

  • Does Twitter Work for Clubs?

    A lot of people wonder if their Twitter marketing efforts work to bring people into the clubs. It is an ROI that can be hard to gauge. You can watch your follower count go up, your mentions/like/retweets increase, even clicks to your website. But there is no metric for "I saw that tweet and came in". So as a club manager, how do you know if your Twitter marketing is working?

    1. SEO

    Twitter has a positive and direct effect on your SEO.  It counts as a high-quality backlink and can quickly affect your organic search results.  Why do you care?  When people are searching for adult clubs in their area, you want to make sure your club comes up at the top of the list. Because if someone is searching for your location, and they can't find your on Google but they find another club. They might just go to the other club. So you want to make sure that you are searchable. Twitter helps strengthen those organic search results.


    2. TRAFFIC

    Do all the people that go to your site come into the club? Of course not. Do a good percentage of them come into the club? Yes, they do. If people are coming to your website it means they are interested in the club. There is a good chance that they will come in and turn into paying customers. Social media is not always driving traffic from people in your geographical location, however through proper hashtagging, you can ensure that your tweets are geotargeted and increase that targeted group of consumers.   So if your website traffic is going up, there is a good chance that you are getting more butts in seats in the club. 




    Create some 1 night only drink specials for Twitter. Tell people to say "Twitter sent me" or even just "Twitter" to the bartender and get a special shot or $1 off a beer. The trick is to not advertise it anywhere else. That way if anyone uses it, you know it is because of Twitter. Plus as people start to use the Twitter coupons they will start looking to your Twitter feed for more of them


    4. Talking to people

    If you are tweeting about things going on in the club you will likely start getting people who tweet about coming to the club, or tell you they came. If your Twitter account is interactive, meaning you actually talk to people, people will talk back to you. For those customers that do talk to you, you can give them extra special secret codes that no one else gets. 


    When it comes to measuring Twitter ROI for physical locations, you have to look at the big picture and expand the normal metrics for ROI to include some "out of the box" techniques. That being said, Twitter can be extremely powerful for getting people into the club, and its pretty easy to use for such powerful results!