Stripping on Twitter

  • Twitter and strippers go hand in hand! Or hand in tweet as the case may be.  So many clubs and dancers are not using social media to its full benefit. The guys are interested in the dancers. They are intersted in them when they are dancing for them and they are interested in them online. The more invested a guy is in a girl, the more money he will spend. Twitter is the perfect place to build that relationship. 

    Encourage your dancers to have Twitter accounts. Encourage them to take selfies in the dressing room, and right before they go on stage. Encourage them to tweet about their night at the club.  Tell them to tag your club and make sure your club is retweeting them. If you give them exposure, they will be more likely to keep promoting you. The girls can use the social influence of your club to help build their account and Twitter presence, and vice versa. It is a symbiotic relationship.

    Tell your DJ's to take pics of the girls and make sure to tag them in the photos, so the dancers can retweet them.  

    I know this all seems very simple, and it is. The biggest step is getting started. The key is to not simply broadcast. You need to talk to people. Talk to your dancers. Talk to your customers. Twitter can get some big immediate results but if you approach it as a long game you are more likely to win.  Over time you will build up a loyal following of customers who will not only come to your club, but will also retweet your tweets and spread your message.  The relationships the girls can build online, with their customers, can lead to bigger tips and more regularity. Guys like to feel like they have a connection with their favorite dancer. Twitter helps establish that personal relationship between the club and the customer, and the dancer and the customer.