How to use Periscope?

  • How to use Persicope and Why You Should 

    In case you don't know what Persicope is, it is an app that allows you to live broadcast via video on Twitter. It only stores the video on the Periscope network for 24 hours. It is fully interactive, so people who are watching can send heart emoji's to indicate that they like what you are doing.  So why do you care?  This is taking off in the caming industry. I know we don't want to talk about the C word. However, the camgirls are getting something right with this.  Just like on Facebook and Instagram, you cannot post adult content. But you can post content before it becomes adult. Camgirls are currently periscoping themselves getting ready for their cam show. The guys are eating it up! Dancer could do the same thing. I am not talking about broadcasting from the dressing room, though that would likely be a popular show. I am talking about the girls periscoping them putting on makeup and doing their hair before they come into the club.  It sounds like it would be boring but many of the guys really like seeing that. It makes them feel more connected. 

    How could this put butts in seats? Well, if a guy is into watching her get dressed it is not a big leap to think that he might want to see her at the club.  What it does do is show the girl getting ready to come into work. Which means she is coming into to work. She will likely talk about where she is working and will have customers come in to see her. 

    Here is a quick video that will show you what Periscope is all about.