Email Marketing Requires More Than An Occasional VIP Pass

  • Here is the golden rule of email marketing: Don’t send things you wouldn’t want to receive, and always send things you wish other people would send to you. It’s a simple concept but nearly every club we surveyed broken that simple axiom in one way or another.
    You have email accounts and get spammed just like anyone else. Sure, it’s funny to laugh about the Nigerian prince who needs a quick twenty grand from you, or to look at the occasional pinup photo some website included along with their sales pitch – but how often does that sort of nonsense make you go get your wallet? If it isn’t working on you, it’s almost assuredly not going to work for you when you try doing it to everyone else.
    A list of email addresses collected from clients over the course of weeks, months or years is a sacred treasure and needs to be treated as such. A few silly emails can quickly get your emails landed in their spam folder or flat out deleted from their inbox entirely. Here are a few simple tips to follow when monetizing your list:
    1 – Test every mail extensively
    Send it to yourself first, see how it looks, be sure there are no typos or misprints. If you doesn’t look like you put the time and effort into the email to make sure it is correct, it also won’t have any potency on the potential clients you are begging to ignore you.
    2 – Have a reason for the interaction
    Chain letter emails from your mother in law are the perfect example of what not to do. Nobody cares that your club exists or that you think Wednesdays are a great time to go look at naked dancers. What people want to know is why you are contacting them specifically and how it benefits them. Maybe include a special discount, or mention a list of upcoming feature dancers. Explain some recent upgrade the club has installed or remind them of an upcoming contest event. When you are contacting them for a reason, your audience is much more likely to listen.
    3 – Be consistent and persistent
    Sending one email and hoping to get a big wave of customers is ignorant at best. The reality is that marketing your club requires momentum. When your potential customers can expect to see an email once a week or once a month, that provides useful information in an appealing way, they gradually begin to look forward to hearing from you and eventually decide to come back to enjoy your hospitality once more.
    A great adult email marketing service is Ynotmail. You do not have to deal with the restrictions that other email service providers face, which can include getting your website blacklisted as spam.