Lights, Music, Money!

  • Club owners have a tremendous amount to think about, and while running a modern gentlemen’s cabaret successfully may seem simple to the barflies, here are a few more things to consider that can raise your ROI substantially.
    While it’s true that your customers are there to see an entertaining show starring a pretty girl, the most important part of that sentence is that they want to be able to see it. Many clubs are repurposed properties that used to be restaurants or other establishments, and while the lighting installed may have served its purpose then, successful club owners are well aware that setting the right mood requires more than just throwing a red lampshade over a few wall sconces.
    Properly lighting a venue requires important legal considerations, like illuminating exit doors, making sure steps or other trip hazards are easily visible and securing signage to prevent other electrical emergencies. However, it also goes much deeper than that. Spotlighting the stage is an obvious step, but lighting consultants can provide plenty of useful tips like installing full-spectrum bulbs, matching the temperature of the lights being used (which impacts the exact color of the illumination) to the décor and so much more.
    Smaller mostly anonymous clubs usually hire a local guy or gal with a good ear to spin tracks on weeknights. That’s great, if your only aspiration is to remain a smaller mostly anonymous club. For the owners that expect to grow beyond the small pond they start in, music is as important an element of the club experience as any stage performer, bartender or bouncer you might hire.
    “I’ve been spinning at ____ and ____ for years, and I’ve seen the industry change a lot in that time” said Joe Evans. “The tastes in terms of the tunes people want to hear and the whole rhythm of club life has a different vibe now than it once did. When I go into a club and hear out of date music, you can see the effect on the performers and I’m sure owners can see it on their balance sheets. You just aren’t going to bring in top dollar in 2016 by playing a bunch of Phil Collins tracks from his Miami Vice days.”
    The environment you create inside and outside your club directly contributes to the amount you can expect to earn for your efforts. Just as a tomato farmer needs to focus on what he puts in the soil, how his product gets to market and the way it gets displayed on the store shelves, club owners need to take an equally broad approach when thinking about the best way to create an atmosphere conducive to convincing your own live audience to enjoy spending their time and money in your establishment.