Using Webcams To Promote Feature Dance Appearances

  • Many performers mistakenly believe they need to make a choice between either appearing live on stage or becoming a success online. In reality, the two different venues should be used effectively to build audience momentum.
    “I used to see signs up outside at the local club where I was appearing, talking about some girl from out of town who was coming in as a feature dancer” said Shereese C. of Cleveland, Ohio. “Then I started looking into it and I found out these girls weren’t tv celebrities or anything like that. They were webcammers who did a good job making a name for themselves online – and bringing out fans from home to come see them wherever they was going to be next.”
    By creating a webcam account and even the simplest website, it is now easier than ever to give your fans a simple way to find out where you will be appearing next. Building your audience with social media accounts, promoting yourself on cam sites and tying that all in to your calendar of show times at a variety of clubs is the best way to go from being a house dancer on the local level to a national or international superstar who gets featured as a headliner wherever you perform.
    “Club owners never mind when I come to town now, because they see so many more fannies in the seats, thanks to my emailing and webcamming with fans” explained Shereese. “Best of all, it doesn’t just happen in Cleveland, because my reach goes for miles and miles around to every small town and big city on my upcoming schedule. In 2016, if you aren’t feature dancing, that’s all on you, because the tools needed to step up are all available for free. In fact, most of them will even pay you along the way to promote yourself if you are smart about it.”