Managing your promotions team

  • Over the past couple of weeks, I have been receiving questions from clients about how to manage and use a promotions team.  Before social media and new media marketing, clubs and promoters would have to send out groups of entertainers or hire a promotions manager to go out and promote the club at local events.

    Here are some quick tips for getting started.

    1. Find out if it is legal:  Some cities and counties have very strict laws about passing out fliers and pamphlets in public. Especially if the content on them is of an adult nature.  Check with your local city and county sheriffs office and your attorney before sending people out.

    2. Is the event relevant:  Honestly getting some of your girls and a manager you trust along with your party bus or branded Limo down to the local MMA event can be huge!  But you would not want to send your promo team down to Disney princess on ice.

    3. Contact your local sporting events: Get in good with your 3A and 4a sports teams, Farm teams and even your amateur hockey and bowling leagues.  Having girls at these events can both attract customers and get you great exposure.

    4. Incentive: Give your in-house girls some incentive to want to go out and help promote your club.  You will be surprised how many of your in-house girls will jump at the chance to get a ticket to an event and a free house fee.  There are so many little carrots you can use.

    5. Watch the dress code: Make sure you stress the importance of your promo girls and guy or guys look good but not like they are working in the club.  It is wise to provide them with club themed jerseys for sporting events and more casual outfits for truck shows etc....