Glitter and perfume

  • Hey, even though we work in the club industry, many of us like getting lap dances and champagne room treatment just like any other customer. We often visit new cities, attend conferences and are away from our family and friends anywhere from a few times a year to several times a month.

    And while many of us also have significant others that usually know of our whereabouts and how we mix work and pleasure, I think it could be quite accurate that most strip club patrons who are in relationships have significant others that wouldn't approve of them seeing strippers much less a night of getting grinded on. While that won't change in the forseeable future, one thing that has often been a problem as I have heard from others is the conundrum of going home "smelling like a stripper."

    This isn't a hokey and all telling "lipstick on the collar" type of situation, but rather smelling like that all too well known vanilla perfume and random glitter that never seems to go away no matter how much you brush yourself off or how strong the wind is on your walk to your car afterwards.

    I can speak from experience that it is often nice to leave a club glitter and fragrance free. I think many other guys out there would agree. It's much easier to mask the mental and physical experience once home that way.