The value of a private website

  • If you are reading this blog right now, then I am preaching to the converted. It's amazing how in this day and age when we all know the evils of facebook (or do we??) and how your personal info. and privacy tend to go out the window, how people still post their innermost thoughts, their business strategies, and much MUCH more when there are alternatives that won't sell your personal info like a pack of cigs for a prison prag or harrass you with constant ads and junk on your computer like that stack of fliers shoved through your front door handle or screen door.

    When it comes to privacy, and SAFETY in the strip club industry, so many of us practice this in real life, but choose to bareback it so to speak when it comes to the social media circles. Why? Convenience? More traffic? Better results? This all may be true but you should never undervalue the option of privacy, which is one of the major reasons why we created this website, If you want to talk with other business people ONLY without the possibility of trolls, or any of the numerous disturbances you can and will get on other social media platforms, this is the perfect place for it. We've led you to the water, now it's up to you if and how you want to drink it.

    The gentlemen's club industry is vast, but "small" all at the same time. Even if you are posting in a "private" room on Facebook, your conversation, info. and livelihood even are NOT private. You don't have to have deep technical knowledge to understand that. That being said, there is certainly nothing stopping you from doing BOTH! Use FB to your hearts content of course, but we encourage you to take your more private business matters HERE, where the industry professionals meet. You'll be glad you did. SO please tell an industry friend or five about since you are the converted that I am preaching to.