Increase your meeting productivity

  • Meetings. Necessary evil... or just plain evil? Club owners, vendors, basically anyone doing business, you know that meetings are a part of your regular business day. But these can be a big time suck and expenditure of wasted energy or they can be extremely valuable. 


    While it's great to have a solid company culture where everyone likes being around everyone else for the most part, how often do you feel like you've just attended a one or two hour meeting (or longer!) and walked away from it going, "Wow, that was a colossal waste of fuckin' time!." Then you feel the need to disappear so that you can actually get your real work done whether that be balancing books, placing orders, making calls, working out, or whatever it is you do.


    As someone who feels that regular meetings are important for team building but ALSO that a short meeting is a GOOD meeting, I'm going to throw some tips out there that I have seen time and time again to work. Not just for productivity sake but also for sanity sake:


    1. No long update meetings


    If you have a new policy you need to cover with your employees, or updates that need to be discussed or anything that could potentially take a large group of people out of the mix (and the man/woman hours ADD UP!)... don't do it. You are better off putting together a summarized handout for everyone to read on their own time and have a follow up meeting to address any questions in 20 minutes or less.


    2. Schedule regular meetings


    I know that sounds counterproductive to the subject but if everyone is expected to meet on the same day and time every two weeks or so, then it becomes habit and it actually will save your company time in the long run. Each person should be given an opportunity to speak out whether they have news to bring to the table, opportunities or gripes. If there is a need for another meeting as a result but that doesn't require everyone to be at, then schedule it accordingly. I've seen regular meetings become great for bonding but also great for trying to finish up quickly as well.


    3. Handle via skype or phone whenever possible


    Several of us work remotely and don't need to take the time to get in our cars or get on a plane to meet up when it can all be done through technology. It's the 21st century and unfortunately many clubs haven't embraced this. Put Skype on your phone, get a real email address, embrace some of the free tools out there at your disposal. Be productive, be efficient... be profitable!

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